"When It's More Than Passion"

Exquisite instruments of superior design and craftsmanship meticulously handcrafted one at a time from the finest woods by Rick Good​en

Established 2013


Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee



Money Back

Our instruments are warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for as long as you own them.  
NEW HARMONY DULCIMER COMPANY is dedicated to building the finest dulcimers available!
W e aren't satisfied until you are!
​If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your New Harmony Dulcilmer return it to us in original condition within 30 days for a full refund, no questions asked.
The NEW HARMONY DULCIMER COMPANY started in 2013, when Rick Gooden was finally persuaded by Rick Huffman to build a dulcimer. The two met when Rick H. invited Rick G. to play baritone in a British style brass band that he was a memeber of. It was their shared musical interests that brought them together initially, but once Mr. Huffman discovered Mr. Gooden's woodworking talents, and learned of his background in high end audio-visual, he worked persistently throughout the insuing year to convince Mr. Gooden to build a dulcimer. Rick Gooden is one of those people who doesn't do anything without exhaustive research, so it took over a year before the first instrument was born. It was that initial instrument which sparked their business partnership & their ongoing quest to create the finest mountain dulcimers available. Innovative design, old world craftmanship, and the finest woods are all important parts of the equation, but a passion for creating instruments that look and sound the best they possibly can is what truly makes each NEW HARMONY dulcimer not just another beautiful instrument, but an inspiration!

​We are very excited and pleased to have 2007 National Mountain Dulcimer Champion, Joe Collins, performing and recording on our NEW HARMONY DULCIMER COMPANY dulcimers!​ Click on the link below to hear Joe's recording of​​ "Jesus Loves Me" recorded on his stunning bubinga and Sitka spuce Model SDG7 NEW HARMONY DULCIMER.