"When It's More Than Passion"

Exquisite instruments of superior design and craftsmanship meticulously handcrafted one at a time from the finest woods by Rick Good​en


The SDG5 "Pudge" is our 3-string short scale model and features our exclusive "whale tail" fretboard design in a 25" vibrating string length (25" VSL) combined with a unique modified hourglass body designed to maximize cubic volume yeilding a more compact instrument capable of producing the big rich tone associated with our standard body instruments. The shorter fretboard on this instrument makes it far easier to play for those with s​maller hands or arthritic conditions due to the smaller reach required. Because of it's thicker midsection it has become affectionately known in the dulcimer community as the "Pudge". It's the easy to play little dulcimer with the big sound!

STANDARD MODEL SDG5 "Pudge"  $495.00 
Walnut or cherry top, sides, and back
2 circular upper tone holes & 2 lower inlaid half moon tone roseettes
25" vibrating string length (VSL) "Whale Tail" fretbord with 1/4" overlay
Water based finish
GOTOH 16:1 ratio tuners
Strap buttons

OPTION 1:  4 inlaid dogwood blossom tone hole rossettes  $25.00
OPTION 2:  Premium multi-layer hand rubbed oil finish  $75.00 (Includes tone hole rosette upgrade)
OPTION 3:  GROVER premium 18:1 ratio tuners  $25.00
OPTION 4:  PLANET WAVES premium 18:1 ratio tuners with string lock & auto-trim features  $50.00
4-string version available at no addtional charge
*Premium woods are available on all models for additional cost. We have an amazing availablity of exotic woods from our suppliers due to the long standing relationships forged through our sister company, NEW HARMONY WOODWORKS.
Call for price quote.